People often ask – How do I take this Food Grade Gelatin?

So – How do I take this stuff?

It’s a very valid question and once you take Gelatin you will benefit, so here are a few tips that you can use to get this fabulous natural powder into your body.

The food grade gelatin needs to be dissolved in hot liquid, which can make it a little tricky for some people.  So let me list a number of ways you can take it.

  • Some people just eat the dry powder…….. I haven’t tried this so I am not so sure about that one!!
  • Here’s what I do: I mix 1 tbs in room temp water and make into a paste. I then squeeze an orange into it and drink.  Yes, it is a bit grainy, but that doesn’t bother me.
  • The variation to the above method is to mix 1tbs in room temp water and leave sit for half hour or so, (this allow the gelatin to bloom) then add your orange or lemon or whatever you like to it. This makes it a smoother consistency and easier for some people to take.
  • You could also add that mixture to a smoothie.
  • Or you could dissolve the powder gelatin in a small amount of boiling water – either allow it to cool slightly or add a small amount of cold water – you can then add that to a smoothie.
  • Alternatively you could put gelatin in any hot liquid, such as soups, stews, gravies, porridge.
  • You can cook with it and add it to recipes. See some yummy dessert recipes here. Gelatin acts as a starch and binds.
  • You could make your own fruit jelly squares.
  • You could also add 1 – 2 teaspoons of gelatin to your tea or coffee.

It’s always interesting, it’s when you stop taking a good supplement you will notice how good it actually is for you. Take Gelatin for a few months and test this theory out. It will only take a few days to know.