How collagen can help improve your wellness

  • January 30, 2018
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What is Collagen

For those wondering exactly what collagen is, here is a very basic run down. Collagen is a protein that is found in abundance in muscles, tendons, skin, bones and more. The reason why so many beauty products feature collagen is that it helps replace dead skin cells and to give our skin elasticity. As we age, we naturally produce less collagen which is why people get wrinkles and droopy skin. Collagen also acts as a glue for our joints which is why it is common for people to complain of joint pain as they get older.  As many people don’t want the negative side-effects of decreasing collagen, gelatin has become a popular superfood. Gelatin is the cooked form of collagen and usually comes from cows and pigs. Food grade gelatin comes in two different forms called gelling and non-gelling. Both forms can be added to a regular diet to help improve health and wellness. Here at Gelatin Health, we understand the benefits of collagen and so have create amazing products that can be easily added to any routine. Our blends are designed to help improve many different ailments so that everybody can live their best life possible. Here is how collagen can help improve your wellness.

It can help strengthen skin, hair and nails

Collagen is amazing at improving skin elasticity and skin moisture. This means that wrinkles, sagging skin and even cellulite can be improved. While ageing gracefully is a privilege and an honour, it is perfectly okay to put up a little bit of a fight against gravity. Our Soft Skin product uses highly purified collagen peptides so it can counteract aging as well as improve hair and nails. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on beauty products that don’t work, it may be time to give collagen a try.

It can help ease joint pain

Another one of the amazing benefits of collagen is that it can help ease joint pain and inflammation. For anyone who has suffered from joint pain, they will understand how exhausting and stressful it can be. It can be so hard to go about normal day to day life when you are constantly in pain. This is why we created our Joint Care – Premium Hydrolysed Beef product. It has been known to assist with increasing mobility, reducing inflammation, stimulating cartilage cell growth and much more. As the number of people who suffer from joint pain is on the rise, and powerful drugs such as steroids can have negative side-effects, we believe it is worth trying out collagen to see if it can help with joint pain.

It can help with digestion

It is not uncommon to come across someone that suffers from some kind of stomach issue in this day and age. Research has now shown that because of modern day living, many people are experiencing leaky gut syndrome. Sourced from Australian cattle, our Digestive Health product is mixed together with some other powerful gut healing properties such as Vitamin C and Aloe Vera to combat leaky gut as well as other gut issues.  Another great benefit to collagen is that it is able to reline your stomach and digestive tract to heal leaky gut which then, in turn, helps reduce inflammation elsewhere in the body. As well as improving digestion, it is even known to help improve food sensitivities and allergies as well.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that can be enjoyed by incorporating collagen into your daily life. All of our products are easy to dissolve and are extremely easy to add to food and drinks. We see many customers adding gelatin to their daily tea or coffee and sometimes even add it to their smoothies or juices. Others like to use our products to make a healthier version of jelly or to blend with their pancake, cookie and cake mixes. If you are looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out the amazing recipes featured on our website. Whether you are someone who is looking to reverse the signs of aging, to improve skin and nails, to heal stomach issues or just needs some joint relief, we are confident that you will find benefit from using collagen.

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