Cranberry Truffles with Gelatin – For Digestive Health

Makes 24

1C dried cranberries
2C cashews
Cranberry juice to cover
2t Gelatin Health – Digestive Health
2T cranberry juice

2T coconut oil
100g good quality chocolate

Cover cranberries in juice and soak for 30mins.
Sprinkle Digestive Health over 2T cranberry juice, set aside.
Place cashews, cranberries with juice and Digestive Health mix into blender and
blend until smooth.
Place in fridge to set.

Roll into balls using damp hands and place in freezer to cool.
Melt Chocolate and oil over hot water and mix until smooth.
Drop balls into chocolate mixture and roll around to coat. Place in fridge till set.
Store in fridge until ready to serve.
Can be pre-made and stored in the freezer.


Recipe supplied by Ruth – Gelatin Health NZ

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