What are the differences between traditional jelly and gelatin, and which one should you buy?

So many of us in Australia grew up eating the traditional jelly for dessert that can be purchased from local grocery stores such as Woolworths or Coles. This type of jelly is commonly enjoyed as a sweet treat and comes in the form of dissolvable granules which are made up of gelatin and other ingredients. Boiling water is then poured over the granules and is placed in the fridge to cool for a certain period of time. The result is a wobbly mass that somewhat resembles a jellyfish. This popular dessert has been around for generations and is enjoyed in many different countries. Nowadays, more and more people are steering away from these kinds of foods because they are full of sugar, artificial colours, and artificial flavours. But this doesn’t mean that they have to go without a treat in their lives entirely. While most people understand what traditional jelly is, they are not sure what the differences are between this treat and gelatin. As there are so many people out there who are looking for a more healthy alternative to jelly and there are so many different health benefits to gelatin, this article will explore the differences between traditional jelly and gelatin and answer the question of which one you should buy.

What is gelatin?

Gelatin is a protein that is prepared from collagen. This is obtained by boiling animal skin (usually cow or pig), tendons, bones, and/or ligaments. This protein is used in a wide variety of things such as shampoos, marshmallows, puddings, film and much more. More traditionally, it is used as a superfood that can help promote a healthy body inside and out. This superfood is gaining more and more popularity as more people are experiencing the wide variety of benefits that it has to offer. For example, due to the glycine in gelatin, it is able to help speed up the healing of wounds and reduce inflammation in the body. Furthermore, is can help with the growth of hair and nails, can help heal known digestive issues (many people with leaky gut syndrome will experience positive benefits) and can ease the severity of joint pain. While gelatin is the main ingredient in traditional jelly, the similarities stop there.

What are the differences between the two?

One of the biggest differences between jelly and gelatin is the differences in the ingredients. The traditional dessert is filled with sugar and other additives whereas our products here at Gelatin Health are in their purest form. This means that they can be taken at any time of the day instead of as just a treat. Furthermore, our products are tasteless so can be mixed into almost anything, even your morning glass of water. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a treat every now and then, to get the best benefits from this superfood, it is important to be able to regularly incorporate it into a diet. For those who enjoy the sweetness, they can still make homemade jelly with gelatin by mixing in some natural sweeteners such as honey, juice or fruit. Another big difference between the two is the quality of the product. Our gelatin is sourced from the highest quality animals possible that are vet checked and are certified for human consumption. Additionally, while our products are still cleaned as per regulations, they are free from added sulphates or preservatives. Finding a good quality product that is specifically designed to improve health can make a huge difference with what it does in the human body. Most people experience positive benefits after 3 weeks for continued use. The improvements will continue, and results will be individual to each person.  We are all unique individuals and have differing needs, but we ALL would benefit from taking Gelatin and Collaen powders.

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