Leaky Gut Syndrome Natural Remedy

Gelatin Powder – How it can help heal leaky gut syndrome

More and more people these days are receiving diagnoses of leaky gut syndrome. They complain of symptoms such as an upset stomach, joint pain, acne, allergies, and well as a host of other issues, and are then recommended that they heal their gut. But what exactly is going on with our stomachs, and why is it is so common for people to have these symptoms in this day and age? Furthermore, how do we know when we have it, how do we treat it, and how do we know when we are cured? For those who have received such a diagnosis, or anyone who would just like to learn more about the topic, leaky gut syndrome is a condition where the intestinal lining of the small intestine becomes damaged and allows undigested food particles to enter the bloodstream. When something foreign such as food enters the bloodstream, this will cause an autoimmune response and will manifest in symptoms such as pain, chronic fatigue, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, or something else. This can also lead to a weakened immune system as the body is not absorbing its essential nutrients properly.

How is leaky gut syndrome diagnosed?

Leaky gut syndrome is commonly diagnosed when there is no other explanation for symptoms. E.g. all blood tests and scans have come back normal. There are many alternative health practitioners out there such as Naturopaths who are able to more accurately determine leaky gut by completing expensive tests such as stool tests or live blood analyses. While this can be a great option for those who can afford it, it is safe to assume that someone has leaky gut if they are experiencing certain symptoms, if they have experienced high levels of stress, if they have eaten a lot of bad foods, or if they have taken a lot of antibiotics. It can be just as helpful to keep a symptom diary and food diary when healing leaky gut, rather than having to spend thousands of dollars on getting tested and re-tested.

How can leaky gut syndrome be healed?

A great and simple way that leaky gut syndrome can be healed is with gelatin powder. This is a powerful method as gelatin powder is able to “fill” the holes that are in the intestinal wall so that food can no longer become absorbed in the bloodstream and vitamins and minerals can be fully absorbed again once more. Gelatin powder is also known to reduce inflammation in the body that can be caused by leaky gut, so it is a great way to soothe symptoms while the gut is healing itself. On top of all of these benefits, this superfood is also known to help with a range of other things such as improving skin, nails, hair and more. If you want to get in touch with us to discuss how our products can help, click here;

How can gelatin powder be incorporated into daily life?

For those who are looking to improve their gut health, gelatin powder can easily be incorporated into everyday life. As it is dissolvable, many people simply pop it in their morning coffee, their hot tea throughout the day, or their cup of cocoa at night. It can easily be sprinkled on top of warm cereal or can be blended into a smoothie. Others like to bake with gelatin and create yummy desserts with it such as healthy jelly, cakes, and much more. For anyone who is in a rush, they can use warm water to create a gelatin paste, and then easily mix it in a glass of water or juice. It can also be easily added to a vegetable capsule and taken as a supplement followed by a warm beverage for those who prefer to ingest it that way. Many like to start with small doses when they are first beginning with gelatin powder and will then work their way up to experience the full benefits.

When it comes to conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, the symptoms are never fun. Thankfully, there are easy and natural options to healing such conditions such as incorporating gelatin powder. When symptoms begin to cease or lessen, it can be assumed that leaky gut is beginning to heal. Having said this, many continue to take gelatin powder long term as a preventative measure and because of all the other great benefits that it can provide. Buying good quality, food grade gelatin powder like that we supply here at Gelatin Health is important and will see you experiencing the advantages in no time. You can view our gelatin range here;

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