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The role of protein in the body

Gelatin is protein, and we all know that protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of our body; but did you know that not all proteins are equal? Our bodies use different sizes and shapes of proteins, as well as different amino acids, for different purposes.

About proteins, peptides and gelatin

  • Both gelatin and hydrolysed collagen are derived from collagen and are made up from identical amino acid building blocks; including Arginine and Glycine. Gelatin is a large protein
    (~ 100,000 kDa) that is slowly digested. While collagen peptides (2,000 to 5,000 kDa) are much smaller and can be directly absorbed. Physically, gelatin binds large amounts of water and has foaming properties that increase the volume of foods without increasing their calorific density.

Replacing dietary fat with protein can help your
weight loss regime.

  • -Gelatin is a slowly digested protein, that’s also gentle on the stomach.

    • -Gelatin is more effective at supressing hunger than some
      other proteins.

What is Gelatin Plus?