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How to take Gelatin?

It's important to know that gelatin comes in two forms: gelling (food grade), and non gelling (hydrolysed). Hydrolysed collagen has been broken down to a very fine particle making it readily available to the body. It doesn’t need to be digested, it gets absorbed straight through the small intestine and into the blood stream. The difference between the two products is simple: one has a smaller molecular structure. Food grade gelatin has a very special job too. 

Food grade gelling gelatin

The food grade or gelling gelatin does not dissolve in cold water. It will mix into a paste, but not dissolve. You can use this particular gelatin in recipes or cooking. 

Hydrolysed non gelling gelatin

The hydrolysed collagen gelatin will easily dissolve in either hot or cold water, so it can be added easily to shakes or any other liquid.

How to take Gelling Gelatin?

For more details on dosage and ways to take the product please see the individual products in the Gelatin Products page 

  • Take gelatin as a supplement by adding to your daily tea, coffee, or anything hot.
  • Mix gelatin into a paste with room temp water and then squeeze in half an orange, mix and drink. Or – you could use an organic or natural orange juice – like Nudie juice.
  • Gelatin can be added to just about anything, whether it be in the form of bone broth or the powdered version.
  • Adding gelatin to a smoothie is a fantastic way of getting more protein into your diet.
  • You can add gelatin to soups, gravies and stew, herbal teas, coffee, anything you like. You can even make amazing desserts.
  • You can even use gelatin as a sleep tonic.

How to take hydrolysed non gelling Gelatin?

For more details on dosage and ways to take the product please see the individual products in the Gelatin Products page 

  • Take the recommended dose of collagen in warm or cold liquid such as water, tea or juice.
  • Mix it through your favourite biscuit mixture.
  • Mix it through your smoothies.
  • Mix it through your favourite pancake mixture.
  • Mix it through your favourite cake mixture.
  • Simply add to anything!

You can mix it with food or water - but it will not assist with making it gel or firmer.

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