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Gelatin Health Bone Collagen - Osteoporosis
Bone - Gelatin Health
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✓ Provides measurable benefits for the skeletal system

✓ Improves bone density

✓ Enhances bone mineral density

✓ Slows post-menopausal bone loss

✓ Promotes strong, healthy bones

✓ Specially formulated and clinically tested for your bones

✓ Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Sugar Free | GMO Free | Fat Free

Do you have a question for us? Call us 07 5445 8302  Mon -Thurs 9am - 4pm Or email us

Do you have a question for us? Call us 07 5445 8302  Mon -Thurs 9am - 4pm Or email us

money back guarantee. osteoporosis
    • 100% Beef Gelatin

    • 96% pure protein

    • 4% moisture (water and residual salts)

    • Dairy and Gluten Free
    • GMO and BSE Free - (regulated)

Derived from German bovine (cow), Collagen source (beef bones). German cattle are all vet checked and certified. Does not contain gluten, dairy, cholesterol, sugar, fat or MSG. Kosher compliant and Halal certified. No added preservatives.

  • 6 grams – can be taken 1 - 2 times per day in water or liquid of your choice. (1 Tablespoon)

  • Bone Collagen is easily added to water or drinks of choice.

  • Can be sprinkled over food - added to breakfast, hot or cold or anything you eat or drink.

  • Keep some in your cupboard and add it to your cooking.

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About Bone Strength

What is Bone Strength and what does it do?
Bone Strength Collagen is made up of specially formulated and clinically tested bioactive hydrolysed collagen peptides designed to enhance your bone health. Bone Strength Collagen promotes strong, healthy bones and can provide measureable benefits to the skeleton by:

- Improving bone tissue density
- Enhancing bone mineral density
- Slowing post - menopausal bone loss

The role of protein in the body
Collagen is protein, and we all know that protein is necessary for tissue repair, and contributes to the growth of muscles and bones; but did you know that not all proteins are equal? Our bodies use different sizes and shapes of proteins, as well as different amino acids, for different purposes

About proteins and peptides
Collagen is one of the most important proteins produced by the body and accounts for around 90% of the organic structure of bones. It’s made by carefully combining the amino acid glycine with proline, hydroxyproline and other amino acids into a large ‘supercoiled’ triple helix structure that’s very strong.

- BONE STRENGTH supplies the right amino acids as ‘cut to size’ peptides ready to support your strong, healthy bones.

- Beef collagen is hydrolysed using specific enzymes that breakdown the strong triple helix, denature it into chains and then into precise low molecular weight peptides that have been specifically optimised for bone health.

Clinically tested peptides
Clinical studies show that:

- Collagen peptides can be directly incorporated into the bones.
- Consuming 6g of BONE STRENGTH superfood each day, together with supplementary Calcium (500mg) and Vitamin D3 (400 IU = 10 ug) contributes to superior bone strength and improved bone mineral density.

BONE STRENGTH superfood has been specially designed for people who care about their bone health, and can provide measurable benefits for post-menopausal woman who experience low bone mineral density and related bone loss.

More Info

Bone Collagen

  • Protein contributes to the maintenance of normal bones

  • Hydrolysed Bioactive Collagen Peptides

  • 100% Beef Collagen specific for bones

  • Clean. Pure. Simple

  • All natural & unflavoured

  • Source of protein

  • Contains 18 amino acids

  • Collagen is pure protein

Bones are the framework of our body. Bone is living tissue that changes constantly, with bits of old bone being removed and replaced by new bone. You can think of bone as a bank account, where you make “deposits” and “withdrawals” of bone tissue.

Bones - Hydrolysed Collagen, is different from other collagen products because of its molecular weight, size and the change to the amino acid chain & structure.

Supporting Bone Density and Growth

  • No fat or cholesterol.

  • No additives or colouring agents

  • Bone Strength is a pure collagen, specifically made from bone for bone.

  • It contains 18 different amino acids.

  • Derived from the German bovine, collagen source (beef bones). German cattle are all vet checked and certified.

  • Bones - Hydrolysed Collagen, does not contain gluten, dairy, cholesterol, sugar, fat or MSG.

  • It is Kosher compliant and Halal certified. There are no added preservatives and it is GMO and BSE free.

Whats The Difference?

Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of bone. Protein is made up of amino acids. You will notice the amino acid profile is the same in the Gelatin Health range of Gelatin / Collagen products. The difference in each of the products is where and how the amino acid chain is split. This enables the product to be produced with specific molecular weight, size, and structural properties to help with normal maintenance of bone when used as part of a healthy diet involving the consumption of a variety of foods.

For more information see What are the differences - Technical differences explained.

Hydrolysed Collagen and Bone Density

Bones are the framework of our body. Bone is living tissue that changes constantly, with bits of old bone being removed and replaced by new bone. You can think of bone as a bank account, where you make “deposits” and “withdrawals” of bone tissue. Gelatin and Collagen are rich in nutrients that assist bone health and prevent fractures, brittle bone and degeneration.

What is Bone Density

Simply put – it is the amount of bone mineral in your bone tissue. In our body, we need the minerals calcium and phosphate to make and keep healthy bones. Healthy bone density is when you have a balance between the re-absorption of old bone and the creation of new bone.

Why Can Our Bones Become Weakened?

During our life, our body reabsorbs old bone and then create new bone, and as long as your body has a good balance of new and old bone, your bone density stays healthy and strong. Bone loss occurs when more old bone is reabsorbed than new bone is created. Sometimes bone loss occurs without any known cause. Other times, bone loss and thin bones can be genetic. Brittle, fragile bones can be caused by anything that makes your body destroy too much bone or keeps your body from making enough bone.

** If you think you have weak bone density, talk with your doctor and get it checked**

What are Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts?

This is the name given to the cells that break down and build bone tissue, a function that is critical in the maintenance, repair, and remodelling of bones. Osteoclasts break down bone and osteoblasts make bone.

Things we can do to help build Bone Density

Building bone density may be accomplished through several different ways: dietary changes, physical fitness, environmental adjustments, exercise especially weight-bearing exercises like walking, dancing, tennis, basketball, climbing stairs or light weightlifting are all beneficial. (Weight-bearing refers to how much of your body weight you are holding up while exercising – not lifting weights.)

Calcium – Increasing your calcium is a great way to strengthen bone density. It is one of the main factors for building bone density. You can do this by increasing foods that contain high amounts of calcium like broccoli, dark leafy greens and almonds.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is extremely important for us to be able to absorb calcium from food. You can get Vitamin D from supplements, or it comes directly from sunlight. Hydrolysed Collagen has been shown to be effective on increasing bone density by its ability to stimulate osteoblast activity. Research has shown that Collagen products and Gelatin are able to act safely and therapeutic towards conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis — Role of Collagen hydrolysate in bone and joint disease.

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